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iPad SDK hides Safari and Mail.app... but we found them
One month with Snow Leopard: the first aftermath
It’s been a month today since I installed Snow Leopard on my MacBook Pro 15″ unibody (late 2008) with 4 GB of RAM. Final judgement? It simply works, and slightly better indeed!
OS X Portable Applications
OS X FOSS portable applications are packaged so you can carry around on any portable device, USB thumb drive, iPod, portable hard drive, memory card, other portable device (or also on your internal hard disk), taking your preferences with you.
Stop the press: the new iPhone 3GS - and that means Speed!
Straight from the WDDC 2009: the new iPhone 3GS. Built-in video editing and up to three times the speed of the iPhone 3G. The new iPhone 3GS now has support for Nike+
How To: Hackintosh a Dell Mini 9 Into the Ultimate OS X Netbook
I am typing this on a 9-inch, 3G-equipped, almost-pocketable computer, running the best consumer OS money can currently buy. It costs around $400. Do you want one too? Here's how to get yours. There are a lot of netbooks on which you can install and run
Upgrading to 8 Gig a MacBook Pro 17″
Long-tim friend and Mac-Guru Lux has just received his brand new MacBook Pro 17″ unibody and couldn’t stand booting anything but and 8 GB behemoth!
Six months after my switch, an update I'm now just past the six month mark since tentatively purchasing my first Mac and beginning to switch away from Windows.
Six months after my switch, an update I'm now just past the six month mark since tentatively purchasing my first Mac and beginning to switch away from Windows. At the time I bought my MacBook I had a number of machines in the house, all running either Win
tiPhones.com is now - perfectly - browsable on iPhone too!
tiPhones.com from now becomes browsable directly from your iPhone or iPod touch with a native iPhone interface.
A free pixel-accurate iPhone web browser simulator
A free pixel-accurate iPhone web browser simulator to help web designers create great web sites for use with iPhone
tiphones.com Forum - iPhone news, info, tricks & tips - We mean iPhone!
iPhone features, news, tricks & tips from all around the world!
iphone around the world - tiphones.com
iPhone news from all around the world, where iPhone is already available and where it's (still) not
First Look: Does the iPhone Work With Current iPod Accessories?
Apple now third-largest U.S. music retailer: survey
Apple Inc.'s digital music store iTunes is now the third-largest music retailer in the United States with 10 percent market share, overtaking Amazon.com in the first quarter, according to a survey released on Friday.
First look: Safari 3 beta on Windows vs. Firefox 2 and IE7
At the World Wide Developer Conference this week, Apple announced the availability of Safari 3 for the Windows operating system. Today, we put the Safari 3 beta to the test to see how it compares to Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2 on Windows. What we fo
Changing Your MAC Address In Window XP/Vista, Linux And Mac OS X (Sometimes known as MAC spoofing)
First let me explain a few things about MAC addresses. MAC stands for Media Access Control and in a sense the MAC address is a computer’s true name on a LAN. An Ethernet MAC address is a six byte number, usually expressed as a twelve digit hexadecimal num
Photo Finishings - Graphic Treats in Adobe CS3 II
Hacking Skype: 25 Tips to Improve your Skype Experience
Kismac - Wi-Fi cracking - USB Drivers
A Tale of Two Betas: VMware Fusion vs. Parallels Desktop for Mac
As of this winter, however, Parallels is no longer the only game in town. VMware, developer of the most polished virtualization software for Windows and Linux, released a public beta of a product for Intel Macs: VMware Fusion.
The real MacWorld Expo 2007 aftermath: iPhone and more
Cracking WEP in 10 mins with KisMAC
Check out this video of somebody hacking Wireless Encryption Protocol (WEP) with KisMAC for the Macintosh…
Star Wars Mac OS X icons
Star Wars, by The Icon Base - May the force be with you! - Anakin's Starfighter, Boba Fett, Clone (x4: white, yellow, red, blue), Darth Maul's Light Saber (x2), Darth Vader, Jango Fett, Naboo Starfighter, Obi Wan's Light Saber, Obi-Wan's Starfighter, Stor
iMovie Samples
Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X
Introducing Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X. Sporting a new brushed steel skin for Apple's newest operating system, this new version of our player opens the world of Windows Media 9 content to Macintosh users, enabling them to access the best audio an
OS X: Hacked to Run on White Box PCs?
Several Mac OS X Utilities
DEVONnote - All Your Notes in One Place
Mac OS X advanced notepad & idea processor, shareware
MacBook Pro RAM Upgrades
Professional Photo Software, Image Management Software and Stock Photography
Photo Software, Image Management Software, Stock Photography, Digital Archive Software, Photo Management Software for Windows PCs and Mac OS X
LilyPond 2.11.3-1
LilyPond is an automated engraving system. It formats music beautifully and automatically, It is Free Software (‘open source’).
Perian is a free, open source, QuickTime component.
Perian is a free, open source, QuickTime component that supports many popular media types, including AVI, DivX, and XviD.
ZX Spectrum Widget
ZX Spectrum - Dashboard - Games
Relive and replay the glory days of your youth. Add more games, or just play with the provided ones.
Apple Dashboard and Yahoo Konfabulator Widgets :: Travel Widgets
Travel related widgets for Apple Dashboard and Yahoo widgets
Heresy: Windows XP performance on a Mac
Boot Camp and several other thoughts about running Windows on an Intel-based Mac
AppleInsider | Up close and personal with Apple's MacBook (photos)
Magical Macintosh Key Sequences
Mac OS X Keyboard shortcuts
Macworld UK - 'iPod users steal music' - Real boss
Macworld UK Online Magazine. Your essential Macintosh resource. Features the very latest Mac news, new Macintosh products, expert advice, Reader Forums, comprehensive product reviews, and a twice-weekly email newsletter
FTP in Mac OS X 10.2
Network functionality is one of the major new enhancements in mac OS X 10.2. We've discussed in the past the ability of OS X to network with Windows machines and also gone over methods for connecting to AppleTalk servers over the Internet. Today we'll lo
Macworld UK - More Mac News, More Mac Reviews
Macworld UK Online Magazine. Your essential Macintosh resource. Features the very latest Mac news, new Macintosh products, expert advice, Reader Forums, comprehensive product reviews, and a twice-weekly email newsletter
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