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Top Google Apps in 2009
Here's a list of my favorite Google services that were launched or were significantly improved in 2009.
eBay buys recommendations website
Internet auction site eBay has bought StumbleUpon, a website that recommends other websites, for $75m (£38m).
Mapa Visual de la Web 2.0
Este mapa agrupa de forma visual los principales conceptos que habitualmente se relacionan con la Web 2.0, junto con una breve explicación. Además se han seleccionado algunos ejemplos de servicios de la Internet hispana que suelen enmarcarse en la Web 2.0
Simply Google
(goo-home.com is the simple version of google.com that has been de-googlized)
Social networks as a tool for campus security
Jaiku Tour
Create your own microblog and connect with your friends. Post from the Web, by SMS, or from desktop clients. Add comments, use icons, link Webfeeds. Take it with you on your phone.
Twitter Blog
Integración de Afiliados Amazon en Blog
No había encontrado ningún Blog en español con una integración de los anuncios del sistema de Afiliados de Amazon similar a este, pero por supuesto eso no quiere decir que no exista, tan sólo que no yo lo conozco. Hoy os muestro uno en Inglés, que seguro
Picnik.com - the fast, easy (and free) way to edit your photos online - SourceCrowd.com review
Smart interface in flash, cool design and great features: this is Picnik.com
Ajax Combination Effects Demo
On Space Art in Sebastopol.. Google Earth features Space Invaders!
2007, The Year Of The Online Game?
2005 was the year of the social network. In 2006, online video was the chief cause of acquisition hysteria. Will 2007 be the year of the online gaming site? Why not? Where else do you find an audience so devoted they'll forfeit sleep and food? A growing
Google Groups: How I would like to use Writely
Is Blogging About To Peak? Gartner Says 'Yes'
R.S.S., XML, ATOM, Web 2.0, Syndication Secrets Unleashed.: RSS Feed , XML, ATOM & Syndication Tutorial
Breathe new life into OS X Safari | 5ThirtyOne - Refreshing isn’t it?
The personal journal and online portfolio of Derek Punsalan. An aspiring designer from Seattle, WA on a quest to discover an unlimited supply of Haribo gummi bears.
The Surprising Truth About Ugly Websites
Ugliness has never looked better. I have spent the last few days examining a surprising trend in web design that has made ugly websites look absolutely irresistible. No, its not the bolded, 18 point Times New Roman font shouting at me as I access the p
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